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Happy Hypnosis Client Testimonials

Michele - Nov 2021

I had the pleasure of doing two weight management sessions with Dave. Although I have tried solution-focussed hypnotherapists for various issues in the past, I was never convinced that the sessions had much effect. What I wanted to find was a hypnotherapist who could listen to my unique challenges, my request in ways to approach it, and adapt to that. 

That is exactly what i found with Dave.  Not only was Dave empathetic and encouraging, he was also adaptable enough to try some regression techniques and parts integration therapy. I found these far more useful than the formulaic treatments I had received elsewhere. 

What came up in session was a surprise to me. I actually ended up with several mini break-throughs in my thinking about my weight and the forces driving my eating. Emotions came up that I had not previously realised were there and which Dave then had to respond to! I have to say that this was the thing that impressed me the most about working with Dave: he took it all in his stride, validated my experience and calmly kept us on course. 

In short, Dave is a highly-skilled hypnotherapist whom I would recommend to anyone looking for  a compassionate and flexible approach to their challenges

David - June 2021

I was having issues with road rage and just generally being aggressive on the road.  I didn't like how it made me feel and, more importantly, my actions weren't safe.  After just one session with Lisa, those feelings were gone - just gone.  Instead, I just let the idiots on the road be idiots, and it didn't bother me.  I actually took a 1000 mile road trip the weekend after my session with Lisa and it was the most relaxed drive in my life.

Kim - June 2021

I had a dental phobia going back to childhood, specifically around stressful feelings when I smelled the dental office. Dave was wonderful and patient and use a technique of tapping on myself and speaking out loud to remove my fears. He was wonderful and patient while I worked through all of my emotions.

Brittany - August 2022

Dave is by far the best hypnotist. He is understanding, kind, understanding, and by far the best listener ever. I would 100% recommend booking with him as he is empathetic, kind, and gentle. He is easy to trust, easy to talk to, and easy to listen to.


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