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Unlock the Power of Online Hypnosis: Safe, Convenient, and Effective

Updated: Aug 1, 2023


Misconceptions about hypnosis often originate from its portrayal in popular culture. The goal of this blog is to discuss and highlight the effectiveness and accessibility of online hypnosis. By debunking myths and providing insights into the nature of hypnosis, we will explore the benefits of breaking down physical barriers and embracing it as a transformative and safe alternative.

Hypnotic change work is just as powerful as in-person and can be used to improve your life in many ways! It can help you to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Overcome bad habits

  • Pain Relief

  • Improve your sleep

  • Lose Weight

  • Gain work confidence and improve your performance

  • And much more!

Hypnotized Man in a Chair

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the importance and accessibility of hypnosis services. Traditionally conducted in person, the shift to virtual platforms has brought many benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Sessions can be delivered from the comfort and privacy of the client's home, eliminating the need for travel.

  • Flexibility: Sessions can be more easily scheduled by eliminating travel time.

  • Accessibility: Working from the comfort of your home breaks down geographical barriers, allowing individuals to access qualified hypnotherapists regardless of their location.

  • Comfort and relaxation: Being in a familiar environment during sessions can help people to relax and achieve a deeper state of trance.

  • Confidentiality: Online sessions offer a greater level of privacy, as clients can choose a secure and private space for their sessions.

These benefits have contributed to the growing popularity of online hypnosis, providing individuals with convenient, flexible, and effective access to transformative change from the comfort of clients' own homes.

Can I Get Hypnotized Online?

Working with a client through the lens of a camera works the same way as in-person hypnosis. Physical touch is not needed for in-person sessions. The hypnotist uses a variety of techniques to guide the client into a relaxed state of mind. Then the hypnotist will then uses suggestions to help the client achieve their desired outcomes and personal goals.

The most common techniques used in online hypnosis include:

  • Relaxation techniques - These techniques help you to focus attention and promote relaxation.

  • Visualization - This technique involves using imagination to create a positive image or scene.

  • Suggestion - This technique involves the hypnotist giving positive suggestions aimed at achieving the client's goals.

Online hypnosis can provide the same remarkable benefits as traditional face-to-face sessions. The key is to establish a strong connection and ensure clear audio and video communication with the hypnotherapist. Online hypnosis is a valid and effective approach, allowing you to explore your subconscious, address various issues, and achieve personal growth.

How to Prepare for An Online Session

There are a few key steps that need to be taken:

  • The client should turn off all electronic devices during the session.

  • Pets, children, and other adults should not be present.

  • It's best to notify household members of the session and request the need for privacy and quiet.

  • Find a comfortable place in the home such as a couch, chair, or recliner.

  • It is NOT suggested to laying horizontally on a bed unless there are health reasons to do so.

  • A headset is best and a speakerphone is not recommended to use during the session.

  • It is best to use a laptop for the session as the pictures on a cell phone may be too small.

How an Online Session Works

Virtual sessions can be conducted via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or Google Meet. Conducting a session by cell/telephone is possible but should be discussed with the hypnotist in advance. The client should ensure they have a solid online data connection prior to the appointment to ensure a productive virtual session.

An Online Hypnosis Session
  • All electronic devices should be set to silent mode.

  • Zoom is preferred to conduct the session. Click here to get started and set up an account if needed.

  • Tablets and cell phones need stands or the ability to prop up the devices so that the client is hands-free during the session.

  • Hands-free device - A headset is preferred and highly recommended to use during the session but earbuds will work as well.

The hypnotist and client will connect at the start of the appointment time. It is important that the hypnotist can easily view the client, and be able to watch their responses to ensure their safety.

If a connection should fail during the session the client will have been instructed to naturally come out of trance and the connection can be re-established. The client is then led back into the hypnotic state and the session continues.

Is Online Hypnosis Safe?

It is a safe and secure practice when conducted by a trained and qualified hypnotherapist. With advancements in technology and secure communication platforms, the necessary confidentiality and privacy can be maintained during online sessions. It is important to choose a reputable and experienced online hypnotist to ensure a safe and effective experience. Always follow the guidelines provided by your hypnotherapist to ensure a comfortable and distraction-free environment for your sessions.


Online hypnosis is a safe and effective way to improve your life and meet your personal goals. Clients working from their home offers convenience, accessibility, and no difference in effectiveness between an on-site session. Clients should be prepared to follow all preparation and technical guidelines before starting any session. Online hypnosis may be the perfect solution for you!

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