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Street Hypnosis in Las Vegas - Success!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ever since I became certified as a hypnotherapist, I wanted to try street hypnosis. You know, the kind of hypnotic fun where the subject falls on top of the hypnotist, everyone laughs and takes pictures and marvels at how amazing hypnosis is. Everyone has something that they want to do, they want to try, but it's just pushing them a bit beyond their comfort zone. To me, hypnosis is wonderful, a little mysterious, and amazing - and I wanted to challenge myself to try it. I WAS TERRIFIED.

I went to our annual conference in Vegas, and I signed up for a street hypnosis class. I was going to DO THE THING. I went to the class and did great, was learning all the quick inductions and successfully practicing on other attendees. Until we went to the Vegas strip to practice on real people. I just couldn't do it, I was too nervous. In my mind, I FAILED.

I'm very lucky to have a wonderful friend who dragged me back to the strip the next day. After some stops and starts - SUCCESS! (You can see the Elev8 hypnotists in action in the attached video). I recently went hunting for a quote that reflected my experience and inspired me:

“Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.”

Many fears and worries are a part of everyday life. It's when you can't work through them that those worries become mental blocks. It's when these fears impact you, when you can't finish tasks, or when they obstruct you from moving forward.

It's ok to need help and ok to get's ok to be brave and find a way through it. If you think street hypnosis is cool, try navigating over to 'Hypnosis Explained' to see all the ways we can help you be a better you.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways we can help:

➤ Neutralize those fears, habits, or negative emotions that are limiting your progress toward personal goals. Get your FREE Learn to Tap video. (value $14.99)

➤ Learn how hypnosis can help you in your life. Sign up for a FREE relaxation session with a certified hypnotist.

When you are ready to supercharge your growth with tapping and hypnosis, consider joining one of our live group webinars, have a 1:1 session, or sign up for our Elev8 Your Abundance package.


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