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Avoid Negative Energy & Reduce Anxiety

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Are you sending negative energy out?

Have you ever noticed how being around certain people causes your hackles to go up? For some, just entering the room and seeing them, much less spending time with them, causes dark clouds to form in your psyche. Or maybe there is a certain situation that stirs up those troubled thoughts and feelings. For me, it’s Christmas dinner with the extended family. There is just something about that dynamic that drains me.

Positive Hypnotic Energy
Positive Hypnotic Energy

Most of us never make the connection consciously. We simply think about those people or situations as negative - a downer - a drain. We try to avoid them - like picking a different route back from lunch so you don’t run into ‘that guy in accounting. We just know Christmas is going to be hard and struggle through.

But consider this. In these situations, you may be allowing the negative energy of that person or circumstance to invade your energy bubble. Your empathy is connecting with and bringing in, this bad ju-ju. It could be that the situation is simply loaded with stress or emotion. Maybe that person is having a bad day (Or week? Or year?) Regardless, this negative energy is not your energy. Energy that you are taking it on without realizing. When you let it in, it’s like pouring poison into a well and your energy reservoir gets tainted. What was their problem is now your problem.

But what if I were to tell you that this can be avoided!?! You don’t have to let this energy impact you.

Strengthen Your Energy Shields

As part of a broader initiative to reduce anxiety and increase happiness, I often help people create and strengthen their own “energy shields” to block out these negative emotions. Bringing this into the forefront of your mind allows you to decide if you will receive this energy or if you will let it bounce off without impacting you. By changing your relationship with the energy of the situation, you can observe the negativity without being part of it. I love these sessions because they help my clients feel better immediately and realize that they can be in control of their emotions - even on Christmas. If you want to see more about me and how I can help, click here.

This whole topic, what energy you accept and project - and what you don’t - plays a huge role in a variety of ways in your personal growth. The energies you maintain and hold on to from your past impact your present and show themselves in the form of anxieties, fears, self-doubts, and limiting beliefs. Negative energies you accept can bring you down in many of the same ways. All of this can really prevent you from being able to manifest the future you desire. I tackle all of this in my manifestation sessions as part of the Elev8 your Abundance package because it is so essential to powerful manifestation.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways we can help:

➤ Neutralize those fears, habits, or negative emotions that are limiting your progress toward personal goals. Get your FREE Learn to Tap video. (value $14.99)

➤ Learn how hypnosis can help you in your life. Sign up for a FREE relaxation session with a certified hypnotist.

When you are ready to supercharge your growth with tapping and hypnosis, consider joining one of our live group webinars, have a 1:1 session, or sign up for our Elev8 Your Abundance package.


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