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Meet Lisa - Owner of Elev8 Hypnosis

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Do you have a funny or interesting story to share about something involving hypnosis? I'd love to hear! Follow us on our Facebook page, click here to visit our YouTube channel with short videos that explain hypnosis.

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways we can help:

➤ Neutralize those fears, habits, or negative emotions that are limiting your progress toward personal goals. Get your FREE Learn to Tap video. (value $14.99)

➤ Learn how hypnosis can help you in your life. Sign up for a FREE relaxation session with a certified hypnotist.

When you are ready to supercharge your growth with tapping and hypnosis, consider joining one of our live group webinars, have a 1:1 session, or sign up for our Elev8 Your Abundance package.

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