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Is Past Life Regression Real?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The Hindu Belief in Karma

Past Life Regression has roots in the Hindu idea that a person's soul is weighed down from the karma of previous lives. The belief is that real life personal issues can be addressed through the memories of past lives.

Many hypnotists offer past life regression by relaxing the client and using guided visualization to put them into a trance state. This helps bypass the conscious, rational mind and allows the right side of the brain to activate This part of the brain is the source of intuition, creativity and stored memories.

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So here is where some people become skeptical. Perhaps you believe in reincarnation and karma, perhaps you do not. Hypnosis HAS been shown to make forgotten details clearer through accessing short-term memories and can be useful for helping to find lost keys or making memories clearer or more vivid. However, memories created un hypnosis can be hard to separate from actual memories...and people who believe in reincarnation are more likely to report them than those who do not.

So why do we do past life regression therapy if memories can be potentially unreliable? During a regression session the hypnotist uses the client's subconscious mind to explore past lives and access those related memories to identify unresolved issues or problems. Whatever comes out of these sessions, such as phobias, addictive traits, compulsive behaviors or difficult emotions can ultimately be used to help you understand yourself better.

So, to test how it felt, I was hypnotized to regress to lives in my past. First, I was taken over myself to go back in time to my birth and then further back to wherever I landed. My mind readily produced details that could have been real memories, or past lives, I'm not really sure. My responses had a reoccurring theme of being a competent and capable person...someone always to be relied upon. On reflection, that is a personality trait that is REALLY important to me and was a valuable takeaway from the session. Perhaps hypnosis can help YOU understand yourself better.

So, does it really matter if it's real? Do you have an interesting story about past lives? What is your belief about regression? We'd love to hear! Follow us on our Facebook page or watch the attached video explaining past life regression.

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