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Even Hypnotists Have Wrinkles!

Updated: Jul 10

Lisa on the London Eye

I became interested in hypnosis and started my business well after age 40. So...I have wrinkles. Like many of you, I have children...I've been working for many years so I have experienced anxiety and lots of stress. We all know that it's part of living. Those wrinkles, are my badge of honor! They don't usually bother me, but sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder what has happened to my face and perhaps I wish I looked a bit younger.

We've all taken selfies. The iPhone 4 and its camera started the revolution back around 2004. Selfies are great, they can express the 'real you', show you in an attractive pose, you can check to see how you look to others, can help present yourself in a flattering light. as part of running my new business, I feel tremendous pressure to post pictures and videos of myself. I hear you can't be successful without showing your face. Everyone looks so good out there! But...wrinkles!

Unfortunately, social media can magnify a person's imperfections and harm self-confidence. It's called social media dysmorphia - all those Instagram posts with filters that enhance facial features, give us perfect complexions and long eyelashes can give us a distorted image of beauty standards. I really thought about adding a filter to my posts...I mean I really looked prettier...don't I?

Self-Confidence is Key

Do you feel the same pressure that I do? Do you love yourself and your body? Or do you see imperfections and measure yourself against unrealistic expectations? Your life experiences, environment, and culture (social media!) can affect your feelings. A negative body image can result in unhealthy behaviors or impact your self-confidence.

Hypnotherapy can help you shift to a positive body image by accessing your subconscious mind, where feelings about your body are stored. We work with our clients to relax them deeply, help them think of their bodies in a new way and address individual perceptions and challenges - resulting in greater self-esteem and self-love.

If you look closely at my picture, you can see me - wrinkles and all!

Do you need help making a needed change? Are you stuck in a certain way of thinking? Let us help you move forward. Follow us on our Facebook page, or click here to visit our YouTube channel with short videos that explain hypnosis. If you would like more information about me, navigate over to 'Meet Lisa'.

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