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Dave H Hypnotist

Meet Dave Hanna - Hypnotist

Based out of:



Favorite Movie:

Star Wars (Duh!)

Favorite Food:

New Mexican Enchiladas

Super Power:

Authentic Listening

A Bit About Me

I come at hypnosis from a place of giving.  If I can help one person have a better day - week - or even life - then I am simply filled with joy.  Having grown up in Santa Fe, NM, I am drawn to the more spiritual, metaphysical, and sacred aspects of what we can do together with your mind.  I love exploring and helping you achieve all that you want.  I welcome all questions and ideas in a very open and non-judgmental manner.   


Areas of focus

  • Managing stress, fears, apprehensions, & phobias

  • Exploring past lives, dreams, and metaphysical questions

  • Unblocking creativity and expanding performance at work & play

  • Managing weight and body image issues

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