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Are you ready for effortless change?

  • Elev8 your life today by working with Dave to make the changes you se...

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • Not sure where to begin or just want to learn more? Schedule a free co...

    15 min

  • Elev8 your life today by working with Lisa to make the changes you se...

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • We are offering a personalized 1:1 relaxation session so that you can ...

    30 min

  • Sat

    1 hr

    27 US dollars

Services We Offer

Hypnotists work with everyday people to help with everyday problems in everyday living

Hypnotists coach, teach, guide, instruct, and train


Hypnotists help clients do goal-setting regarding problems, challenges, issues, and opportunities.


Areas of focus include:

Promote wellness in your life

  • Regain self-control with eating, drinking, or substances use

  • Help with weight management and improving your appearance

  • Regain a positive mental attitude and manage situational stress

  • Sleep improvement

  • Seek to become more optimistic

  • Relief from apprehensions and fears

  • Explore your spirituality

Promote success and well-being

  • Discover a definite chief aim or determine and set goals in your life

  • Build self-confidence and establish a healthy perspective

  • Become more successful and high achieving

  • Enhance personal skills and assets

  • Enable personal organization and management

  • Become more persuasive and interpersonally effective

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