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Thanks for Joining our Elev8 Hypnosis Family!

As promised, here is your free “Tapping Explained” video
Tapping is a great tool to reduce negative emotions and replace with more helpful positive ones
As an added bonus: free self-hypnosis relaxation files!

Keep moving on your personal journey!
We have multiple ways that you can begin creating that new and improved you.


Free to our subscribers!

We are offering a personalized 1:1 relaxation session so that you can try hypnotic relaxation without risk. Simply sign up below and get started by learning how hypnosis can help reduce stress and anxiety.


Discounted Sessions

Join our monthly hypnosis group session and explore with likeminded people looking to grow, learn, and Elev8 themselves.
Valued at $49 but offered at the discounted rate of $27!

Limited to the first 10 attendees


Elevate Your Abundance

 As you already know, hypnosis is a simple and effective way to help grow your abundance and remove those negative blocks that are holding you back.

Why wait for that future that you already know you desire. 

Best Value!

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